On the Subject of Entering the World of Mods

Oooo, pretty modules! Touchy touchy!

Welcome to a fun time in KTANE! This guide will help you get started with everything you’ll need for the wonderful world of modded modules!

Step 1: Acquire mods

Step 2: Acquire manuals

  • Visit The Repository of Manual Pages.
  • Click on the arrow next to a module’s name to access all manuals (including cheat sheets and more).
  • Open the “Filters & more” menu. Adjust the filter options to your liking.

Step 3: Defuser/veto profiles

  • Load up the game and click on “Enable mods”.
  • Wait a while for the game to load all the mods.
  • Pick up the mod selector (the thing that looks like an iPad) and click “Open Mod Profiles Folder”.
  • Go to The Repository of Manual Pages, click on “Profiles” at the top, and download the veto profiles listed on the left. Put them inside the folder that appeared in the previous step.
  • In the game, you can now use the mod selector to veto (exclude) modules that are too hard to defuse when you’re still new.
  • In the future, you can create your own veto profile to decide exactly which modules to exclude.

Step 4: Expert profiles

Expert profiles are used to spawn in only modules your expert(s) can solve.

  • Visit the Profile Editor.
  • Disable every module you can’t expert for.
  • Make sure “Operation” is set to “Intersect”.
  • Rename it to your Discord username.
  • Download it, then send it to anyone that needs it, or post it in #experting on the KTANE Discord.
  • When you defuse, download the profiles of your expert(s) and put them in the folder that appears when you open the mod selector and click “Open Mod Profiles Folder”.

Step 5: Learn how to expert modded modules

  • Join the KTANE Discord server. There are many players that are always happy to teach modules.
  • Take a look at the tutorials videos by clicking the video icon on any module on the Repository page.

Step 6: How to use the logfile

After you’ve played a bomb, the logfile can tell you what the solutions to the modules were, what buttons you pressed wrong, etc. To find the file, go to the Repository of Manual Pages, click “Filters & more” and scroll down.

Step 7: Profit

Thank you for reading this guide. From all of us in KTANE-land, we wish you good luck in defusing bombs!