FIN — ?.?


Converting the feeder answer CALCULATED as instructed yields 3123121054.

Assuming these are the first 10 stages of Forget Me Not and with the 11th and 12th stage shown in the first two pictures and the edgework given at the top, the answer to FMN would have been 773481083580, of which the highlighted last two digits are 80.

The Two Bits code corresponding to the numbers 80 is EZ, a common abbreviation for EASY.

In the second part, we see a Caesar Cipher module; a module which always shows 5 letters in its display. The only 5-letter feeder answer is ELIAS. With the provided edgework, the Caesar Cipher offset is 1, giving the answer FMJBT.

The next module is Password, which expects two five-letter words (in addition to the answer from the previous step). The only feeder answer with two five-letter words is STEEL CRATE. With those letter options, the only possible solution to the module is SMALL.

Finally, the Word Search module has space for the Password answer and the final remaining feeder answer, TWITCH PLAYS. The solution to this module is the word FINISH (written upwards).