Best Prices — 13.7

The receipts refer to items in the Cheap Checkout module. The numbers are the internationally standardized PLU codes for fruits and vegetables.

Determining the items and adding up the prices in each receipt gives the following.

Given entryItemPrice
1.0 × ALTOIDSMints$6.39
1.0 × SWISS CHCheese$4.49
1.0 × OREO COOCookies$2.00
1.0 × 3277 VEG1.0 lb of Broccoli$1.39
1.0 × 3626 FRU1.0 lb of Lemons$1.74
Given entryItemPrice
1.0 × DOMINO SSugar$2.08
1.0 × CRISCO CCanola Oil$2.28
1.0 × CHIPS AHCookies$2.00
1.0 × HERSHEY’Chocolate Bar$2.10
1.0 × 3414 VEG1.0 lb of Potatoes$0.68
Given entryItemPrice
1.0 × DASANI WWater Bottles$9.37
1.0 × RUFFLE’SPotato Chips$3.25
1.0 × AXE BODYDeodorant$3.97
1.0 × CREST TOToothpaste$2.50
0.5 × TYSON CH0.5 lb of Chicken$1.00
Given entryItemPrice
1.0 × SOCKS FRSocks$6.97
1.0 × KLENNEX Tissues$3.94
2.0 × 3152 FRU2.0 lb of Grapefruit$2.16
0.5 × TYSON CH0.5 lb of Chicken$1.00

In all four receipts, the dollar and cent amounts of the totals are in the range 1–26, so we can convert them to letters, which spells out the solution.


One of the receipts has no fruits and vegetables on it and can therefore be totalled up without knowing about PLU codes, giving a total of $20.09. This decodes to the letters “TI” which is a reasonable combination of letters in English and thus suggests that this letter conversion is indeed in effect. With that assumption in place, the fruits and vegetables in the Cheap Checkout manual can be narrowed down to those which give dollar and cent amounts in the range 1–26. For receipts 3 and 4 there is only one solution. For receipt 1, there are a few, but only one results in a reasonable word.