Fun with Sword — 11.11

The lines and plus signs hint that the clues lead to words that can be decomposed into a shorter word plus an additional letter. After some inspection it becomes apparent that all of them contain a word from Extended Password, which is further confirmed by the mention of “extend” in the flavour text (though the reference to Mock Army is a red herring).

People living in a nunnery?SISTERSRESISTS
His swordplay was superb, with many thrusts and ________.PARRIESSIERRAP
To where/to what place? (archaic)WHITHERWITHERH
A Hanukkah spinning topDREIDELRIDDLEE
French commune featuring the Chapel of MoussyCORNIERCORNERI

This spells out the word SPHERIC. Below the clues, another set of lines with a plus sign indicates that this word should again be decomposed by removing one letter. The only such answer that is a word in Extended Passwords is