Rule of Five — 2.7


Each row can be decomposed into four terms. The numbers in parentheses indicate the lengths of words in these terms. In each case, the terms are four items from a set of five. The following table shows the groups and the missing fifth items.

Items givenGroupMissing item
Jackie, Michael, Jermaine, MarlonThe Jackson 5Tito
France, China, United Kingdom, United StatesUN permanent veto powersRussia
Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers, DeuteronomyFirst 5 books of the BibleExodus
Homer, Marge, Lisa, MaggieThe SimpsonsBart
Ontario, Huron, Superior, MichiganGreat LakesErie
Queen, Rook, Knight, BishopChess piecesKing
Radagast, Saruman, Alatar, PallandoWizards (Lord of the Rings)Gandalf
Americas, Europe, Africa, AsiaContinentsAustralia
Friday, Wednesday, Thursday, TuesdayWork daysMonday
Water, Fire, Space, AirClassical elements in HinduismEarth
Bitter, Sour, Salty, UmamiTastesSweet
Zakāt, Salat, Shahada, SawmPillars of IslamHajj
Polonium, Sulfur, Selenium, TelluriumChalcogens (group 16)Oxygen
Who, What, When, WhereThe Five WsWhy

The first letters spell the clue phrase, TREBEK GAME SHOW, the solution to which is