Drawing Blanks


Once each clue is solved, adding a letter in between each answer creates the name of the module hidden in the words. Using the letters that were added spells the solution.

Clue 1Solutions + Added letterClue 2
Forget ___, a module by Sean (6)enigma F iambA(n) ___ consists of an unstressed and stressed syllable (4)
On the ___ hand (5)other A dioxidePeople exhale carbon ___ (7)
Orange is known for (almost) having nothing that ___s with it (5)rhyme T error___ 404: Not Found (5)
I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking ___ (5)plane T senderReturn to ___ (6)
Death ___ (3)row I resolutionExposition, rising action, climax, falling action, ___ (10)
___ and field (5)track N obamaA phrase from Colo(u)r Talk: Bork _____ (5)
Carnivores only eat ___ (4meat E trisectWhen you split something into three equal parts, you ___ it (7)
Prisoner’s ___ (7)dilemma S yuletideHave yourself a merry little Christmas, make the ___ gay (8)
To be relieved: ___ easy (7)breathe S undergroundThe London ___ (11)