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Kudos to the author (although they did have to make a bit of a compromise at the end…)

(One of the entries in the grid is two words.)

Number of mods by Hexicube (3)
Second person pronoun (3)
Not different (4)
Opposite of up (4)
To the right? (4) [used twice]
___ with envy (5)
Encryption method of dots and dashes (5)
In that place (5)
Four-sided shape (6)
Hurt (6)
Plant tile in Mahjong module (6)
As an alternate/substitute (7)
Burst (7)
Cheating relationships (7)
Enters an answer to a module (7)
Getting first place (7)
Writing system for the blind (7)
Card suit, or gems (8)
Operation leading to sum (8)
Allowed (9)
Already packed in advance (9)
Technicians, or functional details (9)