Each pair of clues hints at movie names, but instead of the actual movie title, synonyms of each are used.

CluesMoviesFirst Letter
Velocity? Rapidity?SpeedS
Origin Cipher? Cause Custom?Source Code
Rise? Increase?UpU
Global Fighter? Ubiquitous Trooper?Universal Soldier
Frequency Ideal? Harmonic Flawless?Pitch PerfectP
Dots? Points?Pixels
Muzzle Fashionable Galoshes? Grimace Chic Waders?Puss in BootsP
Jets? Aircrafts?Planes
Above That Shrubbery? Bygone This Bush?Over the HedgeO
Eruption? Flare-up?Outbreak
Shower Guy? Monsoon Fellow?Rain ManR
Fugitive Newlywed? Escapee Mate?Runaway Bride
Complete Memory? Absolute Anamnesis?Total RecallT
Cache Orb? Wealth World?Treasure Planet

Reading the first letter of each pair of movies brings the solution.