The puzzle plays out like a regular game of Challenge and Contact (not the module), where each successive answer reveals one more letter of the final clue’s answer.

The number of dots between each “CONTACT!” and “CHALLENGE!” (as well as the number of exclamation marks between “YES” and “I AM” in the last clue) give the length of the words. The number of dots after each “3, 2, 1” (as well as the “I AM” in the last clue) give a number to index into each clue, providing the solution.

Are you a nutrient-rich maternal connection? UMBILICAL CORD 5L
Are you a vehicle where balance is vital? UNICYCLE 8E
Are you completely intact and devoid of breakage? UNDAMAGED 4A
Have you returned to the land of the living? UNDEAD 6D
Are you still nascent and need to mature? UNDERDEVELOPED12P
Do you provide a foundation? UNDERPIN 7I
Are you badly compensated for your time and effort?UNDERPAID 5P
Are you found beneath many a bridge? UNDERPASS 4E