This puzzle deals with the translated versions of the Password module in the Translated Modules mod. (This puzzle predates KTANE’s official localization.) The name of the puzzle is the Czech name of the module.

For each language, some of the most common first letters in the translated passwords are shown. Filling in the appropriate letters in the circled boxes yields the solution word.

CzechP, 4×K, 3×B, 3×S, 3×V
Estonian4×T, 3×A, 3×E, 3×H, 3×K, 3×R, 3×S
EsperantoA, 6×P, 5×L, 3×D, 3×T
Spanish5×P, 3×B, 3×C, 3×M
Polish6×K, 4×D, 3×O, 3×W
Italian8×P, 5×T, 4×C
German6×S, 4×D, 4×K