United Legends


The first names of each of these fictional characters are also words or names in KTANE modules. The first letters of those KTANE modules spell out the solution.

Character namesModuleLetter
Elsa (Frozen)Spike (MLP:FiM)Schlag den BombS
Rocket (GotG)Archer (Pokémon)Word ScrambleW
George (The Jetsons)Jessica (Roger Rabbit)Ice CreamI
Venom (Spider-Man)Brain (Pinky & The Brain)Tap CodeT
Tom (Tom & Jerry)Harry (Harry Potter)CookingC
Elliott (Pete’s Dragon)Ursula (The Little Mermaid)Human ResourcesH
Indigo (Arrowverse)Violet (The Incredibles)Extended PasswordE
Bryan (Tekken 3)Mike (Monsters, Inc.)SubwaysS