Word Qualities


The wheels are reminiscent of the Chord Qualities module.

Each wheel has one letter highlighted in yellow. Those highlighted letters correspond to a musical note. If we replace the other letters with the rest of the notes appropriate to their relative position to the highlighted one, we get a standard Chord Qualities puzzle, which we can solve normally according to the rules of the module.

After obtaining the solution (which consists of a four-note chord in each wheel), we can put the original letters back in and see which letters the module solutions point to.

This spells out the clue phrase: “TAKE THAT” SONG THAT SAYS “NEED TIME”.

In some regions, googling for that exact phrase finds the answer immediately. For everyone else, the only discovery necessary is that “Take That” is the name of a band and we’re looking for a song of theirs whose lyrics contains the words “need time”.