Keep the Beat


The feeder answers for this puzzle are video game titles. Each title can be placed at the ends of the sentences seen in the puzzle. Then, the blanks can be filled in with modules which correspond to the statement.

Module: Text: Video game:
THE CRAFTING TABLE was the first module based on MINECRAFT (Rainbow Collection)
PLACEHOLDER TALK uses sound effects from ONESHOT (No More)
ART APPRECIATION is a reference to the sequel to PORTAL (Symbols with Enigmatic Traits)
FRUITS can be chosen instead of mushrooms in STARDEW (Subtractive Geography)

Once the modules are filled in, certain letters can be associated with colors (in the box with +17, you must Caesar shift the F to W). These colors are from Odd One Out and they can order the letters; however, the note at the bottom of the puzzle tells us that, unlike Weird Wall, we should order the colors by name, not value. This gives us the cluephrase INSTALL OSU FOLLOW INSTRUCTION. This means nothing on its own, but the flavor text hints at tinyurl. Plugging the string into a tinyurl link takes us to a github repo that has a file called "Puzzle Plethora.osz" available to download.

.osz files store "beatmaps," which are levels in the free-to-play rhythm game osu!. When the file is dropped into a copy of the game, the name of the author, the name of the only available level present, and the objects within the level itself spell out a the phrase WRITE US A NEW MODULE. When writing a manual for a module idea and sending it to either of the hunt managers, they'll give you a serial number that serves as the solution.


Not only is osu! free-to-play, but it also has an option to have levels auto-complete themselves. If a solver told a hunt runner that they found the level too difficult, they would have pointed out this option. Should a solver inform a hunt runner that they had technical difficulties installing or using osu!, or obtaining the .osz file, they would have simply given them the instructions to write a manual.