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Note Taking

I’ve gently brushed against victory for so many bombs, yet never seized it...

3 in 2 // [par ser] [rj ps2 dvi rca] [rj ps2 dvi rca] [ser] // QW4 AH3
Note to self: Next time, I should use correction fluid to erase my mistakes.

5 in 3 // *SIG // [dvi rca] // EN9 CJ1
Note to self: After this bomb, I’ll have a refreshing glass of something similar to lemonade.

1 in 1 // *CAR BOB // [rca rj] [] // J38 KA9
Note to self: I really didn’t like this bomb that much. I’d rather be playing a game with cowboys from 2018.

2 in 1 // TRN NSA // [par] [] // NM6 RA3
Note to self: During this bomb, I was listening to Prince’s 6th studio album.

3 in 2 // *TRN CLR // [par] [par] // TL6 RF8
Note to self: I’ve been picturing myself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees...

2 in 1 // NSA // [ser] // PF3 XT3
Note to self: This bomb was really difficult. I wish I could be as good at KTaNE as Alecia Beth Moore is at making music.

3 in 3 // *BOB *CAR *NSA // [rca ps2 dvi] // 628 CE8
Note to self: Recently, someone brought back the deleted module based on elections. It reminded me of how I voted for Jill Stein.