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No matter what comes back to bite me, I always stand my ground!

Hit every note in a rhythm game (4 5)
On the __ of... (7)

Only Hexicube module not in his pack (6 10)
Not reject or accept (8)

Alternative to "Anno Domini" (6 3)
All values not in the top-left, center, or bottom-right are 0 (8)

Support group for booze addicts (10 9)
Type of palindromic cipher (7)

Sound level unit (7)
Module with red, pink, green, cyan, and indigo (9)

"The Sims" publisher (10 4)
Takes no damage from rock type moves (5)

SpeakingEvil module with 6 buttons (10 5)
Red, blue, and yellow (under one interpretation) (7)