Rainbow Collection


Looking at each column, we can see 3 different colors: blue, red, and yellow. However, each cell has a different shade, meaning we should take a look at their hex codes. When doing so, we can extract some numbers.

The edges of the table hint at RGB. When the numbers in each of the hex codes are translated from decimal to hex they provide seven new hex codes.

Hex Code from puzzleHex Code
from RGB
255FFF; FF255F; FFF255 F F F F F F
241FFF; FF63FF; FFF159 F 1 3 F 9 F
241FFF; FF79FF; FFFF95 F 1 4 F 5 F
243FFF; FF241F; FFF143 F 3 F 1 8 F
255FFF; FF31FF; FFF111 F F 1 F 6 F
255FFF; FF32FF; FFF255 F F 2 0 F F
255FFF; F255FF; FFF255 F F F F F F

The numbers in the new hex codes can be decoded with A1Z26, providing the solution.