The Office Room


The tweets are sent by different people in the KTaNE Discord Server (not sponsored). The tweets are cryptic clues with the hastags being the definitions. The number of retweets is the length of the clue's solution (subtly hinting at the fact that these words appear somewhere else).

Once the clues are solved, we need to find out why we need them. The title and flavor text help us here. "The Office Room" is a section in the Discord server, which consists of many channels. We can find that for each user, on the dates given in the tweets, they have sent messages with only the word clued by the tweet. Each of those messages has a reaction under them, providing an index into the channel name where the message was found.

UserClueSolution w/ explanationIndex GivenChannel
Logbot#0547Duties, right? Cheers! (5)ROLES [R + OLES]6#Bot-commands
Cooldoom5#0789Broadcast atmosphere's ascent (5)CLIMB [CLIMB = CLIME homophone]6#vOice-text
ryaninator81#6683Badger lost vitamin after constant noise (4)PING [PI + N(-a)G]7#Bot-commands
short_c1rcuit#0481Making strange art on ice (8)CREATION [CREATION*]1#puzzleS
Betshet#4658Passionately kiss Kylo at church next to symbol of Force (6)FRENCH [F + REN + CH (French = slang for kiss)]4#locaLization
Buttegg#3472Frenzied ego trips involving mid-morning forwarding (9)REPOSTING [REPOSTI(N)G*]3#sErver-suggestions
EpicToastâ„¢#4314Kiwi confused by parking assistant backing online reference (9)WIKIPEDIA [WIKI* + P + EDIA<]13#ktane-dIscussion
Noah(TCNL)#2944Naive swinger Ernie turns and hugs mischievous creature (6)SIMPLE [S(IMP)LE< (Ernie Els, golfer)]9#server-suGgestions
Xmaster#2463Odd work at play with skirt garment (10)WRAPAROUND [W_R_A_P_A_ + ROUND]6#manual-cHallenges

The extracted letters spell the solution.


Special thanks to Sara Goodchild (Discord: sarathegood#9710) for creating the cryptic clues.