Start and Finish


Each pair of letters represents the initial letters of a module. The flavour text hints at when these modules were released, using the list of modules in chronological order.

For the first three lines, the modules were released very close together, having a gap of only one module. The question mark between them signifies that we should take the name of this module.

The last two lines say that their modules are further apart than the other lines. In this case, we should take the module that was released directly between the two given mods.

By taking the first letters of the obtained module names, we get the answer to the puzzle.

This puzzle was correct when it was released. However, it may be ambiguous now.

Modules Module Inbetween First Letter
Arrow Talk, Red Herring Siffron S
Wire Sequence, Who's on First Wires W
Maritime Flags, Determinants Equations E
Complex Keypad, Guitar Chords Lasers L
Forget Me Not, Turn the Key Logic L