Each warning is a reference to another KTaNE module, or a reference to an extract from its manual.

Taking the first letters of the obtained module names gives us GOD BLOOD. By finding a word with the meaning god blood, we get the answer to the puzzle.

*As of an update to Organisation which removed its switch, this puzzle is incorrect. Some other modules may be incorrectly described in this puzzle as well, at the time that you are reading this.

Warning Module Name First Letter
Do not spray any false numbers or spray any numbers out of turn. Graffiti Numbers G
Do not select a hieroglyph considered to be incorrect or form an invalid trio. Only Connect O
Do not submit at an unsuitable moment or submit when all three are illuminated. Double Color D
Do not squander nautical missiles on the ocean! Battleship B
Do not enter an incorrect setting on the machine. Doing so will result in a misplaced sock. Laundry L
Do not press "SET" after having the cube in an unsatisfactory position. Orientation Cube O
Do not incorrectly use the "CONTINUE?" button or the other component. Organisation* O
Do not fail to fire within the constraint or fire in an untimely manner. Draw D