A Way With Words

The following excerpt is not a puzzle:
Six experts finally find the time to get together and catch up, but one is running late. They are all eager to play their favorite game. The game starts with everyone receiving a 5 letter word card. Each turn, players create a rule to "assist" them in getting points throughout the game. The rule is publicly stated at the start of the round. The colors/fonts are used to discern voices but are not used to solve the puzzle.

Round 1: Vincent's Turn

Ugh, only one point this turn... the ABOUT card really is bad luck.
Cheer up Bob, it's only the first round.
Says the one that just got 29 points from that rule with a THREE card…

Round 2: Emmanuel's Turn

Uhh... What position is V again?
Twenty-two, how do you keep forgetting?
Great idea linking Vincent’s indexing here, but I only got fifty-four points.
Yeah, I think I’m second lowest with seventy-one points.

Round 3: Bob's Turn

Well looks like Bob gave the win to Vincent, enjoy that Orange 9x multiplier.
No no, Ned is still in the running with Cyan.
I have a Black card and Emmanuel has a Gray card.

Round 4: Samantha's Turn

Hey Emmanuel! One of our shuffles leads to each other! That has to be bonus points right?
Sorry, you are already leagues ahead of us. Enjoy your +2 points while I get my +3.
If only my K was a G. No points for me this round.

Round 5: Ned's(?) Turn

Before Ned finalizes his rule, the last expert finally arrives.
Hey Penelope, we're almost done with this game. Just need a few more points to win!
With that blue card you have I sincerely doubt that.

Laughter fills the room as Penelope walks around to view everyone's cards.
Why don't you make your own turn for us? Ned's rule wasn’t going to give anyone points.
I said I was sorry!
I don't see why not, hmm…

Drop every occurrence of a "single letter" type. So just from the look of it you shouldn't drop anything.
So we multiply by remaining letters so I could win right?
Funnily enough, forgetting about the points for a second.
The last and first place cards remind me of berries as well (5).

Everyone else looks at each other confused.