Baby’s First Words


The numbers on the left can be connected to Letter Keys, creating 11 words with only the letters ABCD. The serial number at the bottom implies the CE3 rule is true. Solvers must draw a line from the word on the left to the corresponging clue on the right.

Encoded Word
and Color
Connected ClueCut/Don’t Cut
DADA(A) Meaningless artDon’t Cut
CAB(B) TaxiCut
BAD(A) Your butt is mineCut
ABBA(B) Mamma MiaCut
DAB(C) Dance moveCut
BABA(A) Is youCut
AA(A) 2 in 1Cut
ADD(B) +Cut
CACA(B) FecesCut
BAA(B) Sheep noiseDon’t Cut
DAD(C) Papaoutai is a song
about not having a...
Don’t Cut

The colors are related to Wire Sequence. When all the correct lines are “cut” the remaining lines reveal a letter as the solution.