Full of Flavour


The title and flavour text hint that we’re dealing with the Flavor Text EX module.

Each row is a hint to a module followed by the word lengths and a number. Finding the Steam Workshop ID for each module, using the number to index into that ID, and using that to index into the module name, reveals the answer.

ClueModuleWorkshop IDDigitLetter
Pawn to e4! Well, that was easy. (5 | 3)Chess7512027221C
What’s that Goblin doing here? (9, 4 | 4)Adventure Game7478541408R
I forgot what we did! I hate those shapes! (7, 6 | 3)Graphic Memory16642959086I
I accuse you! (6 | 6)Murder7706816541M
Hit! Miss! Miss! (10 | 6)Battleship8336879977S
What? His last name is not McDuck? (12 | 9)Cryptography7511476966O
Didn’t ABBA sing about the subject of this? (7, 8, 5 | 1)Foreign Exchange Rates7434423017N