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When it comes to the kind of people in my cubicle, today was an interesting day.

We asked 8 oddly blocky men to state something that meant a lot to them.
One who has a law about things going wrong, any member of the human race. (6 6)

“What I have 5 of.”

Measurement of sugar to swallow medicine, one who was AMAB but is now female. (8 11)

“From where my simpler counterpart was recovered.”

This subject did not have a name. Well, they did, but it was the word we’ve been ignoring. (3)

“The one who reworded me.”

Jewish greeting, where Holland’s Pies are from. (6 8)

“What I don't think will fix me.”

Singer-songwriter Amos, otorhinolaryngologist, preposition meaning being present, atom charge acquisition. (4 3 2 10)

“Simple. The first word in my name.”

Shortened word for professional worker living outside his native country, balanced system used by Simon. (5 7)

“The color of what is labeled ‘1’.”

Not a seraph or a throne, home town of Mireuksa. (6 5)

“The 2nd column.”

This subject had an identical first name to the last man who came in. Technically, he shouldn’t be here, but we let him in because they are brothers.

“The first one where the number of glowing labels matters.”