Lost at Sea(rch)


After solving the clues and finding the words in the grid, a few things become apparent:

  1. The words come in pairs that overlap at the start or end of each word.
  2. The overlapping letters are A–I, giving us something to order the pairs by.
  3. Their angles form valid flag semaphores.
First module by JerryErisIKEAANW.NT
Module with [...] alchemical symbolsASTROLOGY
First word of modded holdable [...]BOMBBSW.NWI
Indicator [...] used as unicorn ruleBOB
First module by SL7205LOGICCN.SD
Second word of KTaNE developerCRATE
Last solvable module [...]PASSWORDDSW.SA
Possible label on The ButtonDETONATE
Button on The Swan [...]EIGHTESW.NEL
Common first word in module namesTHE
Variant of BackgroundsFAULTYFNE.EW
Starting element from CreationFIRE
Tan____s, Nono____, and Ana____sGRAMGSW.SA
____lock and ____ MatchingGRID
Abbreviation for Flamanis’s third moduleMAHHN.SEV
First modded needyMATH
Defender of Human ResourcesYOSHIIS.NEE
1st word of 2nd module LeGeND madeICE

Reading the semaphores in the order given by the intersecting letter yields the solution.