Both the title and the flavor text hint at two different “Quiz” modules: Terraria Quiz and Quiz Buzz. The cryptic clues give an item from Terraria Quiz, while the clues in parentheses reveal a number from Quiz Buzz to index into each.

ClueItemNumberExtracted Letter
One who throws around beer. (Row 1, answer 3)Ale Tosser4T
Someone who harvests honey. (Row 3, answer 2)Bee Keeper2E
Smaug going through the sky. (Row 10, answer 2)Flying Dragon2L
My razor shattered all my plates. (Row 2, answer 2)Breaker Blade12E
Dracula’s cleavers. (Row 4, answer 5)Vampire Knives11V
Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy. (Row 3, answer 3)Drax3A
Clothing line of the depths of hell. (Row 8, answer 3)Brand of the Inferno4N
Firearm that shoots strings of metal loops. (Row 10, answer 6)Chain Gun6G
The first password. (Digital root of row 5, answer 5)Code 14E
The final crystal. (Row 6, answer 1)Last Prism1L
Grieving frozen water. (Number of times 13 comes first)Icemourne1I
Hanging from the eave during winter. (Number of times 6 comes 6th)Ice Sickle4S
The king’s staff, with a chiroptera. (Number of times the sequence 2, 3, 4 is present)Bat Scepter8T