The images in the puzzle are rectangles consisting of some text, with holes taken out of them.

All the text directly hints at flavor texts of different modules.

Within each manual, there is a single page such that if you place these rectangles on top of them using image editing software, will reveal a cryptic clue, as shown below. Using dark mode as the flavor text suggests makes them easier to see. Note this process can be a bit fiddly.

Solving the cryptic clues and then indexing them using the page number used in each manual yields one letter per manual.

#Manual pageCryptic clueAnswerIndex
1Piano Keys, page 1what can you call your father figure (four)PAPAP
2Web Design, page 2the name for a small area of land surrounded by water (six)ISLANDS
3Nonogram, page 1the one with the manual in bomb game (six)EXPERTE
4The Swan, page 2what you get after adding numbers together (three)SUMU
5Splitting The Loot, page 1what are in the bags that have a letter number combination (seven)DIAMONDD
6Unfair Cipher, page 3us state where snow is so rare the wikipedia page called snow in % is featured (seven)FLORIDAO
7The Deck of Many Things, page 1home of fresno, sacramento, san diego, del mar (ten)CALIFORNIAC
8Microphone, page 2old module about various currencies (three words) (twenty)FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATESO
9The Kanye Encounter, page 2edmund (six)EDMUNDD
10Watching Paint Dry, page 1number below plus three (5)EIGHTE

Taking these indexed letters in reading order reveals the answer.