On the Subject of Cool Beans

Me and the boys at 3 am reheating B E A N S

This module looks similar to Beans, but with a few differences. The beans are all frozen, so it is impossible to see their tint or whether they are shaking or not. To solve the module, you must consume three valid beans (but no more). If no valid beans are present, the module will not strike you for eating a different one. However, the beans must be reheated [using a microwave, of course] before they are ready to eat. Reheated beans will reveal their information. Attempting to eat or reheat an incorrect bean will cause a strike. Beans should be eaten in reverse reading order. Eating more than three beans will also cause a strike but the module will stay solved. Note that you cannot see a bean when it has been eaten.

Finding Non-Reheatable Beans

To find the first non-reheatable bean, start by converting the first character of the serial number into base 36*. Take the digital root** of this value. If it is a 0, make it a 9. The bean in that position in reading order cannot be reheated.

To find the second non-reheatable bean, do the same as above but with the second character of the serial number. If the resulting bean is the same as the first non-reheatable bean, congratulations! There is only 1 non-reheatable bean. After finding the non-reheatable beans, you can reheat all of the others by pressing and holding them for over 1 second. Be careful, because heating a bean for over 3 seconds will set off the microwave, alert your parents and give you a strike.

*Numbers in base 36 are the same in base 10. Letters in base 36 are their alphabetic positions, plus 9.
**Repeatedly sum up the digits of the value until it is a single digit number.

Finding Three Edible Beans

A triplet of edible beans will be of all 3 colours of bean. Eating a bean adjacent to a previously eaten bean is unhygienic, so don’t do that!