On the Subject of Faulty Sinks

There’s nothing worse than when your plumbing s[t]inks.

This module will show exactly 1 visible property that is different from Sink, with some properties not being very obvious. Another property that can occur with this module versus Sink is a spinning knob during input. There are three different ways to stop a knob from spinning:

  1. If the knob spins after inputting the 3 knobs correctly, input those again except in reverse. This takes priority over other functions.
  2. Otherwise if a knob is spinning clockwise, hold that knob for at least three seconds and then let go. If you hold for longer than five seconds, you may receive a warning.
  3. Otherwise, if the knob is spinning counter-clockwise, select the opposite knob.

The above may not occur in special cases. “*” on each special property underneath will denote a special case for Faulty Sink.

  • If only the drain pipe appears black, the sink will be selectable in this case. Select the hot knob and then select the sink itself to disarm the module. DO NOT USE THE TABLE TO FIND THE CORRECT SEQUENCE.*
  • If all materials are black, work on the table on the next page as normal. After getting the sequence of 3, substitute hot knob presses with either the faucet or drain. You will know if either the faucet or drain is selectable when hovering over them. The cold knob will function as normal. Note that the hot knob is on the right. DO NOT TRY TO TURN THAT.*
  • If the drain pipe appears blue, work on the table on the next page as normal. After getting the sequence of 3, swap all Hs with Cs and vice versa and input the result.
  • If a pink knob is present, find the material that has the same texture as the other knob (excluding the other knob) and select that, then the pink knob. When the knobs are the same material, proceed as normal.
  • If the module is upside down, use the table marked for the upside-down procedure.

Standard Optimized Sink Table

You can find the optimized table here.

Upside-Down Optimized Sink Table

# of bat. Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 True False
0–1 Gd Knobs Unlit NSA Vowel in SN H C
2–3 HDMI or RJ StSt Faucet Vowel in SN C H
4–5 Cp pipe Unlit NSA StSt Faucet C H
6+ Gd Knobs HDMI or RJ Cp pipe H C

Material Reference

When you don’t know your own materials...

Copper (Cp) Gold (Gd) Stainless Steel (StSt)