Easy as $#*&


The first names are from the Mafia module.

The middle initial is an arithmetic operation, for example as seen in Color Math.

The last name is a clue to one of the sounds from the Listening module. The title and flavour text hint to associate the symbols with values ($ = 1, # = 2, * = 3, & = 4).

Applying the arithmetic operation to the Mafia number and the sum of the values of the Listening symbols yields the solution word encoded as A1Z26.

Rob 1M. (×)Milker Cow &$#$&12= 12L
Tommy 25S. (−)Diesel Car Engine &#**&16= 9I
Sarah 17S. (−)Ingress Door Closing #$#&$10= 7G
Larry 18S. (−)Sparkler Firework Exploding$&$$*10= 8H
Macy 6A. (+)Hoover Vacuum Cleaner #&$*&14= 20T
Tim 2A. (+)Vegas Casino **$*#12= 14N
Rob 1M. (×)Atari Arcade $#$#* 9= 9I
Phil 29S. (−)Sikorsky Helicopter #&$&&15= 14N
Diane 21S. (−)Luscinia Thrush Nightingale**#**14= 7G
Larry 18D. (÷)Khoomei Throat Singing **$$$ 9= 2B
Briane 4A. (+)Turner Book Page Turning ###&$11= 15O
Molly 27S. (−)Din-Taylor Sewing Machine #&&*#15= 12L
John 7A. (+)Graham-BellPhone Ringing &$$&*13= 20T