Special Colored Puzzle


Each examination gives a description of an SCP. The log notes help with the identification of SCPs. The numbers of the SCP and the subject can be combined using the operation given by the letter in the subject name.

We can then turn the numbers into colors using Color Math (hinted by the title and flavor text) and index into them with the numbers at the bottom. The images that are gray mean no index for that number and use the letter given.

SCP #Subject #Resulting
1074A-309341674 3 5 4 PurPle, GrEen, GreeN, OraNge
438 M-000521903 5 4 N/A OrAnge, GreeN, WhiTe, Gray
224 A-723374573 6 4 3 BlAck, MagenTa, BlaCk, OrAnge
055 M-002915952 3 3 5 GReen, ReD, WhIte, MageNta
4595S-189527003 4 N/A N/AOrAnge, YelLow, Magenta, Gray

Reading the extracted letters with the S's in place gives the clue phrase PENNANTS AT CARDINALS, giving the solution: