Day to Day


The puzzle contains nine different videos, each giving 3 pieces of info:

The flavor text hints at using the month each module was released as an index into the feeder words. When ordered by the Morse, this reads the solution.

ModuleMonth of ReleaseFeeder word
SinkFebruary (2)TIME KEEPERS (Clocks)
YahtzeeJuly (7)TELEVANGELIST (Pop!)
Flip The CoinJanuary (1)SHUFFLE (Bunch of Dropquotes)
Unrelated AnagramsJanuary (1)TIDAL WAVE (Lost at Sea(rch))
Waste ManagmentFebruary (2)LASERS (Swaps and Symbols)
The Fidget SpinnerJanuary (1)NO FLASHING (Simon’s Scrapbook)
Piano KeysJune (6)PICKETS (Buttons)
Font SelectMarch (3)ZULU (Baby’s First Words)
Word ScrambleJuly (7)DESTROYER (Ship’s Talk)