Bunch of Dropquotes


There are five drop quotes in the puzzle. When each is completed, it reveals a module’s flavor text, but three letters have been changed.

Flavor Text Module Extracted Letters
It hIs logical in the Same, so if it doesn’t make Tense to you that’s your fault. Logical Buttons ANS
Tho in thY woUld is purchasing something at a time like this? Cheap Checkout WER
Remembering one digHt and not ten makeR it ten timeD easier! Forget This ISS
WRy do we keep making modIles based on games? Bomb defusal is supposed to be stressful, not Bun... Challenge & Contact HUF
I want to major in anything that takes this combination oN cHassIs together. Curriculum FLE

Taking the original letters from each flavor text spells ANSWER IS SHUFFLE, giving the solution.