Module Sandwiches


Each sandwich represents a module. The flashcards hint at a number to use to index into those module names.

ExplanationModule nameIndex clueIndexLetter
A module that requires a decimal-to-hexadecimal conversion and several ciphers in the order shown. Unfair Cipher Minimum length of the code in one “Black Hole” 3 F
“Script Wires”, “Directional Keypads”, “Code Morse”, “Math Code” Micro-Modules Required switch flips in “Crazy Talk” 2 I
A module with Chinese characters by the same author as Double Color and Morse War Dragon Energy Drinks in “Coffeebucks” 8 N
Burglar Alarm, but with a burger Burger Alarm Buttons in “Dominoes” 4 G
Tunnel, Stonehenge, meteor, globe, eclipse, checkmark, Russian doll The Cube Step in “The Bulb” where you remember SIG and CLR 7 E
A module that refers to Tennis, Radiator, Cooking, Character Shift, Fast Math, X01 and Module Homework Brush Strokes Monsters in “Adventure Game” 8 R
A module that uses Snooker ball colors, Zoni alphabet, flag semaphore, Mahjong tiles, maritime signal flags, Morse code, chess pieces and astrological symbols Kudosudoku Cells in one row of “Battleship” 5 S