On the Subject of Brush Strokes

Who thought it was a good idea to do brush strokes without a brush? Not to mention on a bomb too...

Use the rules below to find your key number, then find the corresponding symbol, and draw that symbol using the 9 contact points to solve the module.

The key color is the color of the middle contact point; the colors of the remaining contact points can be safely ignored.

(Note that you will need to use other modded manuals to get your key number.)

Answers are calculated at the time of submission. Use ruleseed 1 for all manuals, and assume that no modules are solved when calculating your key number.

Key color: Key number:
Red The initial code from Two Bits.
Orange The red value from Color Generator.
Yellow The key from Modern Cipher. Ignore the cases.
Lime The last two table digits from Burglar Alarm*.
Green The number to find the row in Catchphrase before modulo 10.
Cyan The row or column offset from Regular Hexpressions. Row if the last digit of the serial number is even, column if odd.
Sky The global offset from Safety Safe.
Blue The number you would divide by from The Code.**
Purple The first five bits from Tennis, converted to decimal.
Magenta The temperature from Radiator.
browN The temperature from Cooking.
White The value of X from Character Shift.
grAy The total number to add/subtract from Fast Math.
blacK The number from the first table from X01.
pInk The number for finding the school from Module Homework.***

* Concatenate the two numbers that you get. (e.g. 7 and 4 makes 74, 0 and 4 makes 4)
** If the first rule applies, use 1.
*** If the But rule applies, use 1.

After finding your key number, modify it using these rules in order:

  • If your number is negative, make it positive.
  • If your number is greater than 34, subtract 35 until it isn’t (in other words, modulo by 35).
  • Add 1 to your number.

Find the K’th symbol in reading order, where K is your key number.

This is your key symbol. Draw your key symbol to solve the module.

Simply select two contact points to draw a line between those two. The points can have a point between them. Connecting two points that are already connected will remove the line. You can click an already selected point to deselect it.

Once you finish drawing the symbol, the module will auto-submit after 5 seconds. Submitting an incorrect symbol gives you a strike and then clears the symbol. You can only draw straight lines or 45 degree angles; attempting to draw a line other than this will not draw a line.

You cannot see the lines that you draw. It will only show the lines after you solve the module or get a strike.

When using colorblind mode, the capitalized letter of the color name will appear above each button.