10/10, Would Solve Again


The first letter of each line in the review spells the name of a constellation. We now have two numbers: the number of stars the module was given, and the number of stars in the constellation (found in Constellations). Subtracting the smaller number from the larger one gives an index into the name of the module reviewed. The letters obtained spell the solution.

Constellation# of StarsModule# of Stars out of 10DifferenceExtracted Letter
Carina11 Coffeebucks3 8U
Aries4 Timing Is Everything9 5N
Orion15 Cryptography8 7G
Draco13 Factory Maze7 6R
Gemini18 Benedict Cumberbatch2 16A
Cetus14 Simon Stores7 7T
Virgo14 Piano Keys7 7E
Lyra6 Refill That Beer!3 3F
Hydra20 The Very Annoying Button3 17U
Ara8 Modulo3 5L