Weird Wall


5 images are provided, each one containing a single item from 27 categories. The items within each category appear alphabetically. In each category, one item is the odd one out, the others being the "good" items. (This mechanic from Odd One Out is clued by the title and flavor text.)

Below the images is a series of X's, providing the lengths of the names of all the modules used. These are also sorted alphabetically. The X's are written in the colors from Odd One Out. The RGB values of the colors can be interpreted as ternary, and this is used to sort the items.

Category: Items: The good items... Color:
Boozleglyphs (Cryptic Cycle) A, G, R, S, T are in set 2. Swamp
(0 0 0)
Moves (Mortal Kombat) Green Fireball, Heart Rip, Nut Cracker, Shadow Kick, Stage can be performed by by Johnny Cage. Navy
(0 0 1)
Sounds (Old Fogey) Bomb Defused, Bomb Exploded, Emergency Alarm, Game Over Fanfare, Typewriter Key are in tape 4. Denim
(0 0 2)
Crosses (Heraldry) Crosslet, Fourchee, Greek, Moline, Potent are in the top row of the cross diagram. Lawn
(0 1 0)
Encoded letters (Encryption Bingo) E (S.G.A.), I (N.Y.P.), N (Lombax), O (Braille), P (Zoni) have encodings in the middle grid. Teal
(0 1 1)
Animals (Toon Enough) Bear, Cat, Crocodile, Deer, Rabbit are in the top row of the animal diagram. Azure
(0 1 2)
Words (Braille) Beating, Gaining, Insist, Rather, Strings give character 3 as the solution. Harlequin
(0 2 0)
Organisms (Creation) Bacteria, Lily Pad, Moss, Pollen, Turtle will never be the solution. Spring
(0 2 1)
Game of Thrones characters (Westeros) Arya, Benjen, Eddard, Maege, Robb are part of the Stark family. Aqua
(0 2 2)
Cookies (Cookie Jars) Chocolate Chip, Fortune, Gingerbread, M&Ms, Oatmeal Raisin correspond to even digits. Maroon
(1 0 0)
Words (Encrypted Morse) Cheesecake, Detonate, No Explode, Sea Shells, Souvenir are responses. Eggplant
(1 0 1)
Words* (Who's on First) BLANK, UR, YOU, YOU'RE, YOUR have the eye in the middle-right. Violet
(1 0 2)
Food (Cheap Checkout) Candy Canes, Honey, Lemons, Lollipops, Soda are sweets. Olive
(1 1 0)
Words (Double Expert) Diamond, Emerald, Jenga, Pope, Zebra are in the 1 - 15 column. Boulder
(1 1 1)
Symbols (Keypad) AE, Black Star, N, Omega, Railroad can be found in column 6. Periwinkle
(1 1 2)
Rotations (The Ultracube) VZ, WV, XY, YV, ZW give a face that involves zag. Chartreuse
(1 2 0)
Contestants (Object Shows) Cookie Jar, Fidget Spinner, Hypercube, Ice Cream, Snooker Ball are on the left half of the manual. Mint
(1 2 1)
Weapons (Terraria Quiz) Blue Moon, Gatligator, Ice Blade, Proximity Mine Launcher, The Breaker are in the right half of the manual. Turquoise
(1 2 2)
Words (Kanji) Autumn, Eight, Fire, Mountain, Person are stage 1 words. Scarlet
(2 0 0)
Birds (Cheep Checkout) Egret, Jay, Pipit, Raven, Xantu's Hummingbird have calls that begin with low. Rose
(2 0 1)
Callsigns (Maritime Flags) EMBAYED, REDUCED, RIPRAPS, SPLICES, STANDON can be found in the 6th column. Fuchsia
(2 0 2)
Animals (Zoo) Camel, Eagle, Hippo, Seal, Wolf can be found in the same line. Carrot
(2 1 0)
Modules (Boot Too Big) IKEA, Mega Man 2, Shikaku, The Screw, Zoo rhyme. Salmon
(2 1 1)
Dutch flags (European Travel) Eindhoven, Deurne, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen, Zwolle are destination cities. Heliotrope
(2 1 2)
Punctuation marks (Footnotes) Asterisk, Double Asterisk, Double Dagger, Two Daggers, Two Double Daggers have a number order that begins with 4. Lemon
(2 2 0)
Modules (Free Parking) Battleships, Maritime Flags, Morse War, Retirement, Semaphore are part of the same rule. Dolly
(2 2 1)
Sounds (Listening) Beach, Cow, Door Closing, Soccer Match, Tuba are on the left half of the manual. Ceramic
(2 2 2)

The first letter of each odd one out in order spells out THE FIRST MODULE BY SPARE WIZARD.


* As portrayed by the first two words in their solution chain.